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Welcome to SSB MINT.  At SSB we strive to provide our customers with quality products at a realistic price.

We do not limit ourselves to gold and silver, we think outside of the box and look to provide our customers with metals that still stand a chance to climb dramatically, we believe most have missed the chance to invest in gold and silver, we feel prices have peaked, even if they do increase it would not be much.

We look for metals that we feel will increase in demand, such as metals that are used by growing industries. There are a lot of metals in high demand that are harder to find than silver and gold, there deposits around the world are far smaller than silver and gold. We believe that these metals will increase in price at a potentially dramatic rate once realized by larger investors (banks & industry) that demand will increase.

SSB is a new company, we want to change the way people invest in metals, we feel the time has come.

We will be adding new items on a regular basis, we welcome any questions you may have. Also we are always on the lookout for re sellers of our items, so if you would like to sell our products and earn yourself some extra money please do not hesitate to contact us.

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